This Week on YouTube: gifs and jumps with the Dreamcast


It’s been a bit but there hasn’t been too much happening on YouTube lately. After the week of work on the Crash ‘n Burn videOST series I took a break from recording. But once I went out and bought a stack of Dreamcast games it was time to test and play again (and also make a bunch of gifs for tumblr).

The major score was San Francisco Rush 2049 which is cleaned up and looking sharp once again. I recorded about an hour of me fumbling around with the controls after loading up my years-old save file. It’s still the pinnacle of shortcut-laden racing fun! It’s also probably the subject of the next videOST.

Another Dreamcast game I’ve been thinking about picking up again for the longest time is Test Drive LeMans. I received a copy from Infogrames back in the day and played a bunch of it, falling in love with its time compression and atmospheric visuals. The driving feels pretty good too. There’s about 45 minutes of me fumbling around with million dollar cars.

And finally I got extreme with my good friends Mat and Tony. Along with the two games above I also picked up some $0.99 sports games to gin up some decent Dreamcast cases. Someone on Google+ asked how Mat Hoffman felt on a Dreamcast controller so I fired it and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater up for a few quick, fumbly rounds.

Meanwhile, over on Katy’s channel, she’s been streaming some casual games lately and has a few videos posted of Jo’s Organic Dream Coffee and Jenny’s Fish Shop. If you stick with ‘em you may even catch a cameo from me as I arrive home from work.

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