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E3: Road Rage puts its own spin on Road Rash


Road Rage was just revealed among Maximum Games’s E3 lineup and may brandish the Road Rash torch even better than the long-in-development Road Redemption (which I’m still waiting to be a finished product). Everything they’ve shown so far is merely target renders and PR copy but it sounds promising and the developer, Team6, has loads of past experience with irreverent vehicle-based antics.

The most important component of a good Road Rash-alike is melee weapons. Road Rage promises “insane weaponry” but so far they’ve shown the requisite bats, chains and pipes alongside the moderately unexpected axe, katana and hockey stick. I mean, a hockey stick is practically the sniper rifle of melee weapons and that’s kinda insane, right?

What’s most promising for me are 42 missions that the PR copy labels as “story-driven” with the promise of open world exploration. In past Road Rash titles there was just enough story to string together a little internal narrative as the races unfolded. I don’t know that I need someone attempting a Fast & Furious caliber storyline but putting meaning to motorcycle-bound knife fights can only be entertaining, either by design or happy accident. See: Torque

Open world is also open to interpretation at this point. The copy promises “56 additional side missions from delivery and escort to combat races and gang brawls” but it doesn’t even mention hidden collectibles which are always a favorite part of mine. It paints a picture in my mind of a small, mostly lifeless cityscape but not everything can be Grand Theft Auto V in scale, especially coming from this small Netherlands based studio. That they even mentioned an open world is enticing enough for me.

Hopefully we see actual gameplay footage by the end of E3 but Road Rage is already planned for a September release so we won’t have to wait too long to see it in action. It’s coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as well so I expect plenty of terrible “Let’s Play” serieses to pop up by year’s end, maybe even my own. Check out the official site to see a few more target renders and rest assured I’ll post more about it when I see it.



MGM’s Cyberthug, another game that never was

051514-cyberthug2   051514-cyberthug1

This week’s Tale of Games that Never Were features Cyberthug from MGM Interactive and Saffire. In the works for PC and PlayStation in 1996, the game looks like a period-appropriate 3D action title with pixelated textures and lots of industrial environments but it has a peculiar history.

In the Summer of 1996 MGM released the movie ‘Fled’ starring Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin as two escaped crooks who happen to be handcuffed together. Stephen’s the computer hacker and the plot revolves around a mysterious floppy disk. Rather than turn the movie into a straight licensed game the “creative inspiration for the character Cyberthug came from a character in the film”.

Weirder still is the game’s pitch which bills it as “a satirical 3-D action adventure that pits the game’s hero against bizarre cyber-enemies led by an evil computer hacker who has released alien code onto the Internet”. From what little exists of the game it looks like it would have included symbology, hidden messages and tackled some pretty controversial subject matter; self-righteous preachers and Christian fanatics were mentioned as enemies in one preview.

I couldn’t dig up any reason that the game was scrapped (I did find this hot concept art of the Cyberthug though). Both MGM Interactive and Saffire continued publishing and developing games for years after. My only guess is that Fled turned out to be less than a box office hit and MGM pulled the plug or maybe the subject matter was just too daring and Saffire pushed back on changing it?

City of Gold or Bust: I may start recording Spelunky soon


I meant to play more OlliOlli yesterday but as with all platforms that support it, I usually just end up playing Spelunky whenever I turn on the Vita. Starting and stopping is never a good way to play through the game but as work interrupted my run spanned most of the afternoon. By 3:50 I had somehow managed to put all the pieces together to maybe, possibly get to the City of Gold.

Having beaten Olmec and explored the secret environments, the City of Gold has been my next big goal for over a year. I don’t always try to make it happen but yesterday it was the only thing I was playing for, and I did it! I got the Udjat Eye, I had $75,000 by the time I reached the Black Market to buy the Ankh, I sacrificed myself at the Moai to get the Hedjet, I defeated Anubis to get his Scepter and I managed to unlock the door.

Inside was a glistening level where all surfaces and even the enemies shimmer with… oh, I’m dead. In typical Spelunky fashion I died pretty much straightaway but I did get the PSN Trophy (and this screenshot) to prove I finally made it. I’ve been thinking about recording a couple sessions with the game and focusing on the City of Gold; it’s at least a little different from the flood of Spelunky videos out there. So keep an eye on my YouTube channel if you’re a Spelunky fan, there may be some videos soon.

I don’t think I need next-gen just yet


I can’t tell what the future will hold; secret money from the family, a bonus at work, a lucky twitter contest win, or if I’ll just give in and splurge once Maxx buys a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One (or both). Looking over this list of games I’m interested in that I made over the last week, though, there’s still loads to play on current consoles and PC.

Yes, I wanna be there on Day One to check out the new consoles for myself but look at that massive list of games I could already be playing! Earth Defense Force 2025 alone will suck up hours of our time and the PlayStation 3 exclusives — Rain, Beyond, Puppeteer,  CounterSpy — are just as compelling as Dead Rising 3. Not to mention that we still don’t know what will be available on launch day for either console.

I didn’t get an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 until well after their debuts. When people were mugging each other for the latest hardware and mediocre launch games I was still reeling from Shadow of the Colossus, Far Cry Instincts and Urban Chaos: Riot Response. Like I said, I can’t tell what will happen this fall when both consoles are finally released but for now I think I’m fine hanging on to the hardware I’ve already got.

An update on some indie games I like

I realized today that I’ve written about quite a few under reported, under appreciated indie games in my time at the helm of GameLuv, many of them in just this past year. So I went digging around online for a quick update on all the ones I could remember and here’s my status report.

Terraria, the 2D take on Minecraft that you all have yet to freak out over (seriously, start spazzing!) has gone from “coming soon” to a Steam-powered launch in June according to the official Twitter account.

Wrecked: Revenge Revisited, the sequel to my beloved Mashed from last generation was officially announced at the beginning of March. Coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network “in the Spring“, there have been a few updates from the developers at Supersonic Software including a contest for new in-game taunts, a tease of a returning favorite course, and some talk of customization. We’re getting close to the middle of the fiscal Spring window so I’m hoping for a big blowout at E3.

The last time I wrote about The Adventures of Shuggy it was all but a Marketplace mystery. A page for the game has existed on Xbox.com for months but the game remained in approval limbo. An update on the homepage and Twitter of developer Smudged Cat Games on May 2nd announced that  “Shuggy approved by Microsoft for release to XBLA.” I really hope Shuggy features in Microsoft’s E3 lineup; it looks good enough to be part of Summer of Arcade.

SHMUSICUP, the top-down shooter that runs your music through a bullet hell filter went into an online open beta in March. Since then it’s been updated to support more music formats, controller inputs, full screen mode and more. The downloadable version is also out now if you’d like to take the game out of your browser for better performance.

Metal Assault, which I first discovered and posted about in February, is still in open beta with ongoing stat-boosting events. I have yet to check it out but it continues to look like a tempting mix of Maple Story, Metal Slug and MMO.

Owlboy is an indie game I’ve been watching for quite some time and dates back to at least 2008.When I posted about it in July of 2010 I was hopeful it wouldn’t be more than a year before it was finished but according to the official site it’s now gone beyond its Q1 release date. Their blog doesn’t pin a new date on Owlboy but it does show plenty of activity on the game and teases of even more content they aren’t ready to show.

Lastly, my beloved Youropa by frecle has gone silent once again. The super stylish 3D puzzler did get nominated in January for the Danish Game Awards ‘New Talent’ category but didn’t pull off a win. After following the game for nearly three years, though, I’m not worried. I’ve interviewed the guys at frecle and Youropa has always been a side project to their more regular animation work. It’ll happen one day and I’ll still be there, calling its praises from the mountaintops.