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Pillow Fort Sim ‘Fort Meow’ out now on Steam


I just happened to be looking at Steam’s new release page today and noticed that one of my Top Twenty IGF games of the year is out and on sale. Fort Meow is a delightfully cute and clever game of “physics based pillow fort building” or as I put it “Angry Birds in reverse”.

Each round sees you placing pillows, tables, brooms and other household items to fend off overzealous lap cats so Nia can investigate her grandfather’s journal. It’s a little madcap overall but in the preview build I played the story was getting surprisingly touching in that ‘Up’ kind of way.

Fort Meow is out now on Steam for $7.99 and is on sale for 20% off until July 1st.

SpinTires sales at nearly 500,000 copies

How is this so captivating?

How is this so captivating?

Forget all the hype going on around E3, it’s time to talk about something important: getting giant trucks stuck in the mud and then getting them unstuck again. That’s right, SpinTires news! It’s been one year since the truck-in-mud simulator launched on June 13th, 2014 and the folks behind it wanted to share some stats. As a fan of the game (who still can’t explain why he loves it so much) I’m happy to pass along the figures.

As of today nearly half a million copies of the game have been sold; 455,000 in total with 310,000 copies sold on Steam and another 145,000 at retail. Though the game is set in the rugged forests of a fictional 1980’s Russia, only 13% of those who bought the game are in Russia. There’s a few more stats to mull over in the accompanying infographic and if any of this has persuaded you in the slightest, SpinTires is currently 33% off as part of Steam’s Summer Sale. Go grab it, you’ll probably maybe love it!

Say hola to ADIOS on PlayStation 4 this Autumn

Can’t wait for No Man’s Sky? How about 2D No Man’s Sky? I don’t even mind putting that reductive of a label on ADIOS because the developers themselves are pretty cheeky with how they define it. Their site calls Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space the world’s first “2D-space-simulator-platformer-rougelike-explore-em-up-hybrid-genre-did-we-mention-space-game (2DSSPREEUHGDWMSG)”. But it also, more succinctly, defines it as “a 2D space exploration game with a rich simulation grounded in astrophysics”. Ok, that’s a pitch I can get behind!

I first saw ADIOS in this year’s IGF entries back in January but it was a tiny demo of some physics and it didn’t grab me. Almost half a year later it now looks dead-on like something I could get into. The lighting and atmosphere look splendid and it’s got realistic newtonian physics that govern over celestial bodies, your spacecraft and the stuff you drag around with its tow cable. Best of all, no weapons or combat! Yes, that’s a big plus in my book these days. The peril comes in keeping your ship fueled as you hop from planet to planet, searching for a way to get back home.

And unlike most other indie games coming to consoles, ADIOS hasn’t been kicking around on PC for years. It may not be an exclusive forever but it will launch first on PlayStation 4 this autumn. Check out the first gameplay footage above if words and mental imagery aren’t exciting enough for you.

Expansion Joint Excitement returns in Bridge Project


Way back in the early 2000s there was this physics powered, bridge building series called Pontifex. I was never a very good bridge designer but I was enthralled by watching my creations crumble under the weight of a train. Tumbling into the river below I would quickly reload and watch it all go to hell again. Later the same guys made Bridge It but at the time it was exclusive to Nvidia cards and I was stuck on GeForce.

Bridge It took the flat shaded, grid-based look of Pontifex, coated it in gorgeous textures and doused it with wonderful lighting, terrain and reflections. I was jealous but it looks like I’ll soon be able to simultaneously relive the glory days of Pontifex and gawp at Bridge It style environments with Bridge Project.

Coming to Steam on March 28th for $20, Bridge Project looks prettier and features more stuff to do than all the highly specific physics-based-bridge-building-simulators before it. Build bridges to support buses and tanks as well as trains, boats and cars. See if your creation holds up against earthquakes and high winds. Most importantly, access an endless array of bridge-building challenges from the community and stack up your scores next to theirs.

As much as I enjoyed Pontifex and the handful of imitators that I’ve played on websites and handhelds since, I’ve never managed to finish every challenge. At some point my engineering ingenuity gives way to the sadistic joy of watching things fall apart and then I give up shortly after. So maybe I’m not jumping on it at launch but I’m definitely keeping an eye on Bridge Project down the line.

Disassemble (explode) the Titanic on iOS

Got hot from that Disassembly 3D post I just put up? Coincidentally enough, today marks the release of the game’s sixth item pack which includes a screwdriver, rice cooker and the R.M.S. TITANIC! To coincide with the recent 100th year anniversary of the ship’s sinking you can now disassemble, explode and sink your own Titanic for $1.99 in-app purchase.