Max and the Magic Marker combines platforming with Crayon Physics

It looks like a combination of platforming and Crayon Physics and after I found the game’s homepage and played the Unity-powered demo that’s exactly how I’d describe it. You most definitely do all the platforming and physics doodling yourself and can even pause time to set up simple see-saws as well as complex Rube Goldberg-ian devices.

Max and the Magic Marker hits WiiWare here in the U.S. sometime this quarter and though even the web demo is built really well and tweaked my brain a few times, I’m not sure if I’ll be going in for the full game.  It’s a really successful pairing of the two genres and looks to have that same hand-drawn charm of Scribblenauts, I just don’t know if I’m still interested in puzzling my way through a physics adventure anymore.

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