List of Wii Games that Came in Cardboard Sleeves

Or paper sleeves, card sleeves, slip sleeves, slip cases, slip covers, cardboard slips, paper slips, card slips – turns out no one can agree what to call these things.

This list is probably nearly complete? At least I hope so cuz I’ve spent so much time on this haha. But yeah uh, not for resale games and alternate versions of shovelware are really hard to track down! It was basically up to what was available on eBay at the time I did this because that’s the only reliable place to find photos of this stuff. (yeah, I know, that’s not inspiring confidence that this is complete. Look – if you want to eBay search all 50 games Zoo made for the Wii a few months from now, be my guest. Once was enough for me.) If you have any info on anything I’m missing, please leave a comment and I’ll update the post!

So why do these games come in cardboard sleeves? There are three reasons I’ve found. The first is if they come in a console bundle, likely to save space. Though there are console bundle games that come in a normal plastic case, too. The second is games that come bundled with peripherals (looking at you, Zoo) they’d just stick the small game sleeve in the box, I’m guessing it was to avoid having to make a bigger box. The third is demos for games, which since they were never going on store shelves, they could cheap out on the packaging.
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Edit 4 March 2022 – added Zumba Fitness 2 and Inazuma Eleven Strikers (thanks u/Mtth_8!!)

Nintendo Games

Inazuma Eleven Strikers (thanks u/Mtth_8!!)

Link’s Crossbow Training

Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games

Mario Kart Wii

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Wii Party

Wii Sports

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort

Mastiff Games:

Deer Drive

Remington Great American Bird Hunt

XS Games

The Hunt Trophy Showdown

The Strike Tournament Edition

Zoo Games

Arcade Shooting Gallery

ATV Quad Kings

Calvin Tucker’s Redneck: Farm Animals Racing Tournament

Chicken Blaster

Chrysler Classic Racing

Dino Strike

Glacier the Meltdown

Glacier 3 the Meltdown

Jeep Thrills

Kevin Van Dam Big Bass Challenge

Martian Panic

Monster Truck Mayhem

Pirate Blast


Ultimate Duck Hunting

Wild West Shootout

505 Games

Zumba Fitness 2


Activision Demo Action Pack

Beyblade Metal Fusion: Battle Fortress


Cook or Be Cooked

Deca Sports

Deca Sports 2

Deca Sports 3

Guitar Hero Van Halen

Help Wanted

Just Dance

Just Dance 2 (Europe)

Lost in Shadow

Marble Saga Kororinpa

Monster Hunter Tri

MySims Racing

Oops! Prank Party

Rooms: The Main Building

We Cheer

Demos / not for resale discs that were sent to store kiosks came in these generic white sleeves and sometimes they had bar codes on them and sometimes they had handwriting on them idk I’m not that interested you figure that out if you’re into that

From u/Parking-Humor8622

(Wii U games also did this)

Bonus Points

Netflix Disc

Super Mario Galaxy Official Soundtrack that came with certain Wii bundles


Wii Sports got a real case in some regions : D

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