You remember Youropa?

flipstwistedIt seems like it’s been a while since a quirky little indie game has come along, grabbed my interested, and then disappeared. Lately everything has made it to a release in one form or another so this is a little like picking open a nearly-healed wound. Above is one of the first screens from Flip’s Twisted World for the Wii from Majesco. It’ll be officially unveiled at E3 but the press release bills it as a gravity-defying, mind-bending puzzle platformer. It also appears to borrow heavily from Super Mario Galaxy but there’s another game that it reminds of, Youropa.

You remember Youropa, right? I posted about it nearly a year ago when it was shown off at Leipzig where its little floating worlds of Euro-themed villages and Bone-esque characters first warmed my heart. Since then development has gone mostly silent except for a YouTube channel that the team at frecle started nearly six months ago (which is where the videos after the cut come from).

What bums me out like its 2003 all over again is that this knock off Wii crap is probably getting fast tracked through development at Majesco while the superior stylings and compelling atmosphere of Youropa continues to fade into the darkness. I admit, I missed the YouTube videos months ago but I put in for a comment from frecle when I found them and, weeks later, have yet to hear anything back. I really hope it’s not a lost project and that news is waiting on the other side of E3. In the meantime, watch the videos below, cross your fingers, hold your breath, and pray that Flip isn’t our only option for some new puzzle platforming.

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