Best Box Art Ever – Venture Bros. Season 3

They don't make 'em like this anymore

They don't make 'em like this anymore

Spotted at Best Buy today, the newest Venture Bros. season on Bluray and DVD. For anyone just shy of 30, there’s nothing to see here that’s noteworthy. But for the 30+ crowd, these boxes are almost enough to make an adult cry. I held these in my hand and just stared for several minutes. The Venture Bros. show has never really clicked with me, for whatever reason, but I damn near bought one of these just on sentimentality alone. Adult Swim has done very well at coming up with unique packaging for their shows. This is their best effort by far. Well played, good sirs, well played.

This packaging would go very well with the retro packaging Capcom produced for Megaman 9. We need more of this type of stuff!Megaman9

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  • ShawnS

    I saw that too. I don’t know a thing about the show but that is some gorgeous packaging. Also worth looking at:

  • Venture Bros. is basically a modern day, mature parody of Johnny Quest and cartoons of that era. It’s decent, but I think you have to have seen those old cartoons to appreciate this show. It does have Patrick Warburton in it at least.