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As is often the case, just after my last post on Mass Effect I wound up finishing the game and putting off the final recap until I’d forgotten most of what I’d done. Trying not to give away super specific stuff I’ll just say that by the end I wound up taking the high road — the Paragon, goody-goody route — until it came to dealing with that damned Council that was always dogging me. I conveniently chose to “sacrifice them for the better good of civilized kind” but really I was glad to see them go. That’s… probably had an effect on my standings in Mass Effect 2 but it somehow made humans look like the hardasses of the universe and got us in charge of The Council 2.0. Happy coincidence, that.

Having played Mass Effect 2 by the time of this writing I will say that if you have any interest in experiencing the original, do it first! Mass Effect has a massively effective bucketload of glitches, hitches, and rough edges that make it look like a PlayStation 2 game from 2001 in comparison. I’d like to go back for a few Achievements but having watched Katy play through it as I’m playing the sequel I don’t think I could stomach it for even the 14 hours it takes to speed run the main story.

My final play time was somewhere around 27 hours and I’d definitely had my fill of Bioware’s expansive galaxy by then. The framerates go to hell by the second half and the hard-to-differentiate gear makes inventory “management” a painful misnomer. Still, there’s a great sci-fi universe to explore in Mass Effect and as much backstory as the sequel offers there’s nothing like experiencing it first hand, even if you run through it being a jerk to everyone.

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  • Maxx77

    I hear ya on Mass Effect 1. It's a great universe, figuratively and literally speaking, but the game itself is just a mess. I have no plans to ever go back to that game, especially after having played through the much superior sequel.

    Here's something to look for when going from ME1 to ME2: At very beginning of ME2, pay careful attention to the people. They're the same models used for ME1. The fake plastic hair gives it away. I think even Joker is the same model. But then, after the game starts proper, everyone is in their new & improved character models.

    • I just started up my second playthrough and thought everyone looked way different! Good eye!

  • Yeah I couldn't manage to get through ME1. I think I have about 8 hours or so into it…I'm not sure. But the glitches and shitty gameplay made it impossible for me to enjoy it. Loved the story and all, so I just read the entire thing on Wikipedia and now I'm up to speed for ME2.

    The only thing I dislike about doing it this way is that they throw a default ME2 game at you if you're starting a new game, and some of the decisions they made for me, I don't like. : Oh well…all in all, great story but it's a mess, like Maxx77 said.

    • I read up on it too even after finishing ME1 because I still wasn't clear on what I actually did. 😛