International Gitaroo Man Celebration finally happening!

Finally, the world is paying back U-1 for all his hard work. Actually, it’s just a Swedish viral meme thing that you can paste your own image into. It’s pretty impressive and sticks your chosen image over a global press conference where the world celebrates whatever you upload. Go make one with your dog or your butt or your mom. Or ya know, Cho Aniki. Mine’s pasted past the break or you can click the image to see it. Comment with a link to your own creation, umm, as long as it’s Safe For Work themed.

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  • Neff

    I never did get to play Gitaroo Man, but every time I saw it in the store I would think to myself “that looks really interesting… I should pick it up next time”.

    • It's still great but with all the various forms of lag (PS3 emulating PS2, wireless PS3 controllers, LCD/Plasma timing) it's not as easy to play nowadays. The PSP version might actually be the best way to play it now. You still have that right?

      • Neff

        Yeah, I still have my PSP somewhere. I never found a game on there that really interested me. I guess if I find this for cheap I will pick it up.