This is what OnLive needs

We’ve discussed previously the potential of OnLive versus the “right now” reality of the service. Currently it allows you to run the popular games of today, all of which you can just as easily play on most computers or home consoles. What OnLive really needs to offer are games, or game-related programs, that are too graphically or bandwidth intense for the average gamer’s budget. This is the sort of thing OnLive needs:

Imagine that physics engine powering games on OnLive. Just imagine it powering interactive tech demos for that matter. I could spend hours just making virtual dirt fall onto irregular surfaces, or watch virtual chocolate Easter bunnies melt near an open flame. As someone who has already spent countless hours just playing with simple physics stuff like this, not to mention many hours spent in “real” games like Red Faction: Guerrilla, I could definitely get sucked into something like this. It’ll be many years before home consoles or affordable computers could run such intense simulations, but OnLive could theoretically offer this right now. They already have stuff like this supposedly in the works:

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  • Fun fact! The guys behind OnLive are intrinsically linked with the history of MOVA and have now taken over control entirely. So not only do they get to control this crazy awesome facial capture technology, they can tie it exclusively to OnLive. I'm just now realizing the implications.

    Namely in Japan where they embrace this stuff way quicker than us, picture a nursing home or even preschool where a crummy laptop lets kids or elderly interact with Geni4 all day. Given some equally impressive recognition software it could skirt that uncanny valley for days… or at least hours.