Nin2-Jump’s Nin Ja and I may be best friends

Cave may be best known for ridiculous bullet hell shooters but their latest game, just unveiled for a release this year on Xbox Live Arcade in Japan, has a very different design. Nin2-Jump (read: Nin Nin-Jump) looks like a puppet show complete with MST3K style silhouettes that react to the action and the star of the show — Nin Ja — suspended on a stick. I have no idea how it plays (kinda reminds me of Super Meat Boy but with attacks) or if I could ever enjoy it, but I’ll surely be back with more when the trial hits Japan. In the meantime, you may see more Nin Ja from me as he’s just jumped to the top of my list for next character to represent me in icon/avatar form around the internet.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks great, though it’s a little weird seeing a character that doesn’t really animate. Really dig the music for some reason, especially the last second of it before it cuts off.