Achieving: Halfway to almost 100,000

Wanna know how little importance I put on Achievement milestones? I let Ninety-Nine Nights 2 be the game to put me over 40,000 Gamerscore. This generic and hollow game can’t even match an eighth of the monumental spectacle that is Dynasty Warriors. And if you think Dynasty Warriors is generic and lame, just imagine a game that’s less than an eighth of that.

All I can say is that Ninety-Nine Nights 2 gives out Achievements like a Planned Parenthood gives out condoms. Use an item for the first time, use a special attack, find a treasure chest, kill a bunch of dudes, level up a weapon, a stat, and an accessory. After the first hour I had 11 of the 50 Achievements and spotted a few more that will only take a quick trip to some other menus to unlock.

And so now I’m over 40,000 Points. A personal triumph of nothingness that I just wish could’ve happened during Alpha Protocol. Man, that game was much, much better.

Achieving: Tales of Pointless Self Reward in Games retold in brief posts whenever we feel like it.

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  • Lew

    I just passed 10,000. I was pretty excited. I do like those cheevos.

    • I’m trying to curb myself on being so obsessed with them. There’s a lot of PlayStation 3 stuff I keep ignoring just because “Trophies don’t mean as much as Achievements” but really, honestly, neither do Achievements. hahah I’m a recovering Achiev-oholic.

  • Anonymous

    Achievements that are given away like free candy on Halloween (you showed up? here’s some candy!) is all the more reason to abandon the hunt for points. Force yourself to get 50,000 points in the matter of weeks and you’ll quickly end up where I am. Could, not, care, less, anymore.

    • So do you hate the idea outright now or has it just gotten extra pointless
      thanks to cheating or, like N3-II, lazy developers?

      • Anonymous

        Cheating’s not a factor. Nor are lazy developers. I just realized that I was literally wasting my life, engaging in time consuming activities that did absolutely nothing for the games themselves. This achievement/trophy madness has reached its apex. What was once a fun, yet pointless, little distraction has turned into a grueling, grinding, and still pointless, time killer. The fact that they call them “achievements” is extremely ironic. If you played a game on your own terms and enjoyed it, *that* is an achievement. If you played a game and did a whole bunch of meaningless tasks just for imaginary points that do nothing, then you’ve not achieved anything other than to waste precious time. It’s time for this nonsense to end and for some serious gamer backlash.

        • I agree with a lot of that but I still like them too! I’m not ready for the
          backlash yet because it’s not like other players’ obsession with them is
          hampering my experience. I can go after them or not, regardless of others. I
          don’t know if Achievements have replaced unlockable cheats/rewards in games
          (or if that’s due to publishers locking that up for paid DLC) but I sure
          miss putting in the time to find 100 packages in GTA3 and being rewarded
          with infinite rocket launchers.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, see, that’s an achievement with a reward. That’s worth doing. I love that stuff. But doing that same amount of work and only getting 100 points added to a grand total… worthless expenditure of time and effort. Give me in-game rewards for these actions, don’t just give out points and let that be all there is. Those are the kind of rewards we used to get before Microsoft implemented gamerscore. Now, it’s not often we get anything for our work.