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Do you like birds, but don’t want the mess and noise of having one as a pet?  Do you like birds, but don’t like sitting outside too often  to watch for them?  Well this Japanese app (game?) has solved these problems!  The app is still mostly in Japanese, but is available here. It’s called Tori Watch by ククリス・ゲームズ (Cuculis Games) and you can find it on the Google Play store and iTunes.

Even without reading Japanese many of the menus are easy to figure out.  You can upgrade the food items you feed them with to attract new types of birds.  There are info cards to tell you about them, but those are in Japanese.  Hopefully it will get translated to English someday, but until then here are some info cards I made myself.

Shawn’s Thoughts
First off, Katy’s images are fantastic! The in-game models are cute but I didn’t realize how spot on they were to the real birds until Katy put them side by side. Questioning if this is a game at all is also spot on but as the adorably translated description proclaims, “you can play it without any complicate action”. They know the score. Truthfully, the most challenging thing I’ve done is to keep my screen from timing out when new birds arrive.

Despite the simple nature of this “bird watching game to observe leisurely small birds”, it definitely follows modern mobile game design. Don’t worry, none of it involves microtransactions or hot sales on ‘Energy’, it’s supported by simple ad banners. Birds fly in, you get points. Like Katy said, you spend those points to upgrade your feed options or expand your park to accommodate more birds. There’s a journal with goals to shoot for (again, all in Japanese so I’m guessing stuff like “get a male and female on-screen at once”) but that’s about all you have to do.

It’s been a cute little diversion over the last few days and fun to poke around the Japanese menus to figure out how the game works.

I’m not trying to be one of the dicks I’ve seen in ArcheAge forum posts, but…


I am starting to get worn down by the problems of this ArcheAge head start.  If this is what it’s like now, before the game is even open to the non-subscriber public, what will it be like on the 17th when the gates are really open?   I am unable to even login this morning which gives me time to write this when I would much rather be checking my crops.

I am new to MMOs so I assumed all the queuing, the authentication errors, failed logins and infinitely looping intro movie were normal for a brand new game. I figured Trion World does Rift and other mmos, so surely they are prepared.  I asked seasoned mmo players if 20 minute queues were normal for a paying member  at launch and found out they really aren’t. A friend said they were there for Rift’s launch and it was nothing like this.

I paid $50 for this game and the times I can get logged in to play it I feel it’s absolutely worth the money. I have already had $10 worth of fun since last Friday which I hope won’t be ruined when the official launch starts. I’m playing with online friends I really like that I don’t always get to team up with, plus my husband who I work well with in game (and out obviously).  There are so many routes a player can take in this game that from what I have heard are unique for an mmo.  I am leaning towards the gardening and crafting with a bit of trading.

I am sad that some people rushed to grab land so now many of us who were trying to take it gradually have nowhere to place a house. I have read that some guilds bought land up on purpose to resell or reserve for their guild or something, but as we know, most people are dicks, online doubly so.

I am able to login now, so that’s all I will say, at least until the official release.  PS We have a GameLuv guild as of last night “Gameluv dot com”

My new Fashion model/nail designer/layout coordinator job

Girl's Fashion ShootWhat I mean by that is: Hey look I started Girl’s Fashion Shoot for Nintendo 3DS yesterday and it’s super cute!

It’s hard not to compare it to Style Savvy or its sequel Style Savvy Trendsetters even though it’s not quite the same. The first video will be up on my Youtube channel at 10A EST today from when I streamed on my twitch channel yesterday.

I auditioned and was hired as a new model for Rising Star, but I don’t just model because that wouldn’t really be enough for a video game.  They also have me choose outfits and do nail design. After you do that you do a page layout for a magazine which is like designing photos in something like LINE Camera using frames & stickers which I already love doing (examples 1, 2, 3).

Unlike SST (Style Savvy Trendsetters) there doesn’t seem to be a day cycle.  You can keep going around in the infinite daytime doing things like buying makeup, clothes and new poses.  The only thing that seemed to show time passing was when I completed the 3 jobs that were available for the month.  The time change afterwards from April to May just seemed like a new day change in SST.

There are other models at the agency that you’re being ranked against, but they all want to be friends with you (this isn’t an American reality show). You can check your rank and read your fan mail! I received 2 so far and I admit they made me smile even if they are just game generated compliments.  You guys, I am someone’s favorite model!

After you complete a job you can export the photo from your cellphone album.  Below are three I did yesterday following the given themes they specify.  I’m not far into it yet, but I will say that unless it surprises me down the line, I don’t think this game will appeal to everyone who loved SST.  If anything sways me from that I will come back and post about it here, but if you just wanna see my future quips and images from it follow me on Google+.


I don’t really wanna play this…

Hey, it’s Katy…remember me?

I am very selective about what I will play.  I used to play everything, but sometimes I just can’t tolerate having to try the same level over 20 times or doing puzzles to open a door or dying because I didn’t hit A at the exact time to jump.  Shawn will ask me to try a game or play a game with him and I flat out say no.  He doesn’t ask as often anymore because he just knows now.  I feel bad, and I long for my inner gamer that could spend that kind of time without getting really really angry or feeling like I could be doing or playing something else.

All that above is NOT why I started a new Youtube series called “I don’t really wanna play this,” but it is part of it.

Toward the end of October the game Style Savvy Trendsetters came out on Nintendo 3DS.  I loved the first game that I had found super cheap on clearance and had to have the new one.  I had a friend from out of town hooked on the first game too and she was sad the sequel wouldn’t work on her regular DS.  I decided to record a few videos of what the game play was like for her,  I stuck it on Youtube and sent her a link.   Next thing I know I have people subscribing and commenting telling me to make more.  O_o

My friend didn’t end up getting to watch more than the first video, but 86 Style Savvy Trendsetters game play videos later I might actually get paid by YouTube some day. I gained 100+ subscribers, have some regular commenters that I also swapnote game pics with and all because I record a game I am playing anyways.

So now that I am hooked, I want to put everything on YouTube where I could possibly get revenue.  Playing the games I like is one thing, playing games I don’t want to sounds like it could be funny.  Shawn and I have recorded a few already, please check them out.

If you are curious, Style Savvy Trendsetters game play videos playlist

Style Savvy ~ A clearance find you might like

I found the game Style Savvy for Nintendo DS on clearance at Target for $9.  I had played a little bit prior, but could tell the game had lots of potential.  (They made a huge player’s guide even) So I knew I could get $9 worth of fun out of it.

You can tell by the screen photos that it’s Japanesy and super cute.  I love the profile descriptions for the different people you meet (see first pic)  The basis of the game is you start at a clothing store, customers say “I want a vest to go with this shirt” or something and you choose one.  You quickly meet the super cute owner and are given your own store to manage.  Then you can go buy clothes to stock your store, design outfits on mannequins that customers sometimes want the whole thing of and still help customers.  There is also wifi stuff like downloading other outfits, opening your own “branch” store, shopping at other branch stores, dressing up your character and socializing.  Check your target for this or whatever, cuz it’s worth it especially at this price.

This is my wifi store!