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Oh hey, Galak-Z got The Void update on PlayStation 4 today

I turned on the PlayStation 4 this evening and caught an unexpected (although previously announced) update to the relentlessly-anime roguelike shooter, Galak-Z. I’m bummed that the final story content still isn’t available but The Void update did remind me that I 100% completed that game back in March.

With an accomplishment like that you’d think I would be a prime candidate for The Void which adds an endless, procedurally generated gauntlet of stages to throw myself against. But with nothing to unlock but a high score and no story content in sight I was quickly deflated. I played a couple of rounds to get back in sync with the demanding gamplay and fizzled out from there.

The best news is that this update brings the PlayStation 4 up to parity with the Steam version as far as content goes. With any luck at all that final “season” of content won’t be too terribly far away.

E3: Road Rage puts its own spin on Road Rash


Road Rage was just revealed among Maximum Games’s E3 lineup and may brandish the Road Rash torch even better than the long-in-development Road Redemption (which I’m still waiting to be a finished product). Everything they’ve shown so far is merely target renders and PR copy but it sounds promising and the developer, Team6, has loads of past experience with irreverent vehicle-based antics.

The most important component of a good Road Rash-alike is melee weapons. Road Rage promises “insane weaponry” but so far they’ve shown the requisite bats, chains and pipes alongside the moderately unexpected axe, katana and hockey stick. I mean, a hockey stick is practically the sniper rifle of melee weapons and that’s kinda insane, right?

What’s most promising for me are 42 missions that the PR copy labels as “story-driven” with the promise of open world exploration. In past Road Rash titles there was just enough story to string together a little internal narrative as the races unfolded. I don’t know that I need someone attempting a Fast & Furious caliber storyline but putting meaning to motorcycle-bound knife fights can only be entertaining, either by design or happy accident. See: Torque

Open world is also open to interpretation at this point. The copy promises “56 additional side missions from delivery and escort to combat races and gang brawls” but it doesn’t even mention hidden collectibles which are always a favorite part of mine. It paints a picture in my mind of a small, mostly lifeless cityscape but not everything can be Grand Theft Auto V in scale, especially coming from this small Netherlands based studio. That they even mentioned an open world is enticing enough for me.

Hopefully we see actual gameplay footage by the end of E3 but Road Rage is already planned for a September release so we won’t have to wait too long to see it in action. It’s coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as well so I expect plenty of terrible “Let’s Play” serieses to pop up by year’s end, maybe even my own. Check out the official site to see a few more target renders and rest assured I’ll post more about it when I see it.



Achieving: Double (Weekend) Happiness


It was a weekend of Trophy pop-ups for some very long-in-the-works accomplishments! I’ve had Guitar Hero Live since Christmas and I’d been playing it in fits and starts until the recent news about the development studio’s downsizing and restructuring. The best part of the game is it’s always-on, 24/7 streaming video channels which, naturally, will be the first money-sucking part of the game to get the axe sooner or later.

Of course there’s a progression system to the thing and Trophies tied to milestones like reaching the max level, strumming 1,000,000 times and playing for 24 hours. On Sunday I somehow managed to score 50 million cumulative points within an hour of hitting the level cap. Reaching Level 20 was all I was really after before the game gets shut down and with that scratched off the list I can focus on that one million strums thing. Man, that’s nuts.

As you are no doubt painfully aware, Spelunker World is the other game I’ve been playing for ages. Between the Japanese and US versions I’ve officially been at it for over a year as of early April and I finally — fiiiinally — accomplished two goals as old as time itself. I’ve now completed every one of the game’s 100 nightmarishly deadly levels on my own. There were a few continues used on some of the really fiendish and drawn out ones but I didn’t even blow that many Moon Stones getting through it all.

Though the benefit of teaming up in Spelunker World is immense I still stick to offline play most of the time, that’s why it’s taken this long to get ranked MVP 100 times. MVP comes from a combination of things: most points, having picked up the most keys or litho-stones and rescuing more dead players than everyone else. With more and more players topping Level 100 it’s getting harder to get MVP rank but, just like Guitar Hero, I managed it in the same weekend as finishing off the main levels.

Achieving: Tales of Pointless Self Reward in Games retold in brief posts whenever we feel like it.

Spelunker World March Update Adds SO Many Changes


Just when I think I’m out,

Spelunker World pulls me back in!!!!!

A week or so ago I finally made the push through the last few stages in World 4 of Spelunker World. I knew the rest of World 4 was coming… I just didn’t expect it to show up so soon and with so many other changes, improvements and enhancements in tow. It seems I’m back in the thick of it again so I thought I’d post a recap of all the new changes since the official news is kinda hard to follow.

  • Spelunkette’s Sister is now in the game! I haven’t done it yet but completing World 4-25 should unlock her as a playable character.
  • Getting to 4-25 is a lot easier as ALL stages are now available on the map. If you get stumped on a level you can simply skip it!
  • That’s a handy change as the new challenge looks to be getting a 3-Star rating on every stage at which point… something will happen.
  • It’ll probably be over by the time anyone reads this but in celebration of the One Year anniversary of the game and 900,000 worldwide downloads a new daily login bonus is giving away a pet! A Pet! That never, ever happens with the dailies.
  • They finally added Final Fantasy gear… but it’s just from Type-0 so, like, does anyone care?
  • Hidden items in the Time Attack mode will alway be “red potions”
  • SpelaMAX energy drink now lasts for 60 minutes and gives you an “EX Chance” where every 1 in 5 silver litho-stones you pop open will be a 3-Star item or higher
  • Player Titles are now based on experience, not the weekly leaderboard results. I imagine a lot of Level 100+ players were tired of being called “Amateur Deathwisher”
  • New Symbol Emotes added for situations like “hey, I need a pet over here”, “hey, I need someone to hold this switch”, “ANGRY” and “yeah… I’ll use a continue”
  • Pet abilities can be leveled up to rank 4

Now for the really crazy playability changes. When browsing and building loadouts of gear you’ll now see the imbued protections right on the screen. Previously you’d just have to know that the pirate gear is what you wanna use for the fire stages but now it’ll show “x5 gas vent” and “x3 fire pillar” protection when you’re cycling through loadouts. Super helpful and something that probably should’ve been in there a lot sooner.

Finally, the craziest thing of all after having played this game for an entire year: you can use any item to level up any other item! Before, you could only pump in the same kind of item, limiting what you could do with low level gear. 1-Star items couldn’t be used at all and were only good for selling. Now even the lame 1-Star loot has more value, even if they’re only worth 5 experience points each.

*phew* I think that covers it all. As always, if any of that sounded bewilderingly intriguing to you feel free to add me on PlayStation Network and jump in! Spelunker World is free and even after a year I have yet to spend a penny on it.