It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for March 21st

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for March 21st

There aren’t a ton of individual freebies for the week of March 21st but there are a surprising number of totally free games. The biggest of which is Hitman, returning with the Spring Pack that offers Episode 2: Sapienza free for a limited time. It includes the ‘World of Tomorrow’ campaign mission, Escalation Contracts, and access to Contracts Mode and future Elusive Targets in Sapienza.

Also free this week is Don’t Bite Me Bro, a compelling looking “open-world zombie apocalypse game with local co-op for up to four players”. What looked like yet another boring twin-stick shooter in screenshots turned out to be really interesting in video: there’s crafting, there’s resource gathering, there’s base defending. It’s been on for a while now but publisher Arcade Distillery has seen fit to bring it to PlayStation 4.

Our other free offering is a bit more dubious. I’ll let the description do the talking but see if you can decipher the clues to find out what kind of game Minefield is: “This is pretty simple game. It includes bombs, flags, and boxes. Do not detonate the bombs. Click boxes to open it. Put flags on the box if you believe there is a bomb there.” Got it, Minesweeper knock-off.

Moving on to free Add-Ons, Capcom is offering a Free Character Edit Voucher for Monster Hunter: World in case you’ve been yearning to remix your character’s appearance (including gender, the copy reads) after so long with the game. That peculiar racing game Gravel is also back with a free car to race around with, the Acciona.

And lastly there’s a pair of free static themes straight from Japan featuring Atelier Lydie & Suelle and Yakuza 6.

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