Mario, McDonald’s and my set of 34-year-old Happy Meal toys

Has it already been a week since my last video? I won’t be able to keep that pace with some upcoming travel, but I do have a new close-up and hands-on video to share this week. Over on the It Came From The Collection channel I’ve just posted my highest production value, uh, production yet. A look at three of the four (oh! Secretly five!) McDonald’s Happy Meal toys from 1989 featuring Super Mario Bros. 3.

I’ve had these same toys for the last 34 years which really struck me while filming this. They look used, to be sure, but when you get really up close these things look downright beleaguered. The cracking paint around Luigi’s eyes is especially impressive.

I learned some history making this one so come and look and learn with me, it’s only 4 minutes long.

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