Katy’s lately post

I know I don’t write often and then I show up with a “what I’ve been up to” type post.  This is that post.

I bought a new PC last Saturday and I can now play Sims 2 again!  It’s a refurbished HP Pavillion and it runs great except for the fact that one of the four internal fans (or multiple, I suppose) is noisy.  Sometimes it rattles, sometimes it whirrs, both louder than a normal pc fan would.  The newer noise it does is a high pitched squeeling noise that hurts my ears.  I called HP about it and the pc was silent the whole call.  It figures.   My car does the same thing when I take it in for weird noises/behavior.  So I will see if I can pinpoint the offending fan and call back, I guess.  We suspect the Video card fan from Shawn’s Google search results.  Others with the problem haven’t received help from HP.  After 90 days my microcenter coverage kicks in, so things may improve then in the satisfaction department.

The PC despite the noise plays Sims 2 very well.  I’m ok with it having Vista so far.  I haven’t come across things that won’t run yet.

XBOX 360

  • Fable 2, I’m still working on my second game, this time being evil.  I have a nice set of horns and towns people don’t care for me.  Much different from this game!  It’s not as much fun a second time around.  Before I was set on us buying the game, but I’m ok with just finishing this game and sending it back to gamefly.
  • Lips, yes we bought it.  I can’t believe how few songs are available.  COME ON!  Being able to plug in my Zune and sing is a big bonus, but I wish it could find lyrics.  I don’t realize how little of the lyrics I know until I am singing them there.


  • Retro Gaming Challenge on DS was really fun until I got to Rally King.  I love the idea of the game, but it’s caused me to swear and get angry a ton already.  Watching Shawn play it I can see it will just get worse, so I may be done with it.  It’s a great idea though.
  • Slingo Quest, I always liked Slingo, so it’s just nice having it to go.  I had played a trial of the same game on PC, so it’s nothing new to me.  Can I just say that Slingo may have the worst game art that is actually polished and trying to be cute.  I really hate it.

Playstation 3

  • Noby Noby Boy,  is so bizarre.  I was having trouble with the camera controls at first, but I have gotten the hang of it all now.  I managed to get really stretched and then I was sort of hooked.  I love the map with the windmill!  I get all wound up and it pulls me off the map.  heh
  • Flower, I didn’t get into it like Shawn and many others have.  I liked it, I completed it, but I wasn’t choked up by it.  This is really surprising since I get choked up by many things.  Shawn wonders if it was because I was too involved and not just watching like with a film.  Could be!


  • Sims 2, I’m back!  Just started really.
  • Pogo.com, of course.   They’re on twitter now.  I followed them and told them my pogo name and they gave me tokens.

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