Demoscene Visualizer .deTuned coming to PS3 this year


It’s like equal parts They Might Be Giants album art, Stage Debut, artsy demoscene project, and Virtual Light Machine. Interested? I sure was, the second I laid eyes on these .deTuned screens posted over at the PlayStation Blog. Created by the demoscene group .theprodukkt, .de Tuned is essentially a music visualizer only it’ll let you interact with your music in a much more physical way than stuff we’ve seen in the past. And putting another spin on visualizers, .deTuned lets you interact with the music itself, tweaking the way it sounds as you play with the visuals.

Sony may be in a tight spot with the PlayStation 3’s mass market appeal and penetration but I love the way they’re open to things as bizarre as Noby Noby Boy, Linger in Shadows, and now .deTuned. They’ve only said that .deTuned is coming out sometime this year but let’s hope Sony keeps up this indie momentum for years to come.

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