Lost to Time: The Super Sack System Unearthed at Last!

The Super Sack System (198X)

When I was a kid I used to draw ads for games and systems, such was my desire to go into video game marketing. Well, as I was cleaning out some stuff recently I happened upon this little print ad for one of gaming’s best kept secrets; a never-released console that would’ve been the first to feature an impossible 74-bit graphics, packed four wireless controllers (infrared, of course) and came with Talespin! That’s Disney’s Talespin people! And not that horrible TurboGrafx-16 game… this was a really good one! It’s Talespin for God’s sake!! I don’t know what the other thousands of games were that The Super Sack System could play but I probably drew up several of them as well. Click it to do stuff at Flickr if you’d like.