Achieving: Barely Playing Guitar Hero 5

This has been a while ago now and I retold the story on a recent episode of the podcast, but for continuity’s sake here’s the tale:

I saw the Achievement for making and completing a setlist with a length of at least one hour but there was no mention of whether I actually had to play it. I turned on No Fail (which does knock you out of online leaderboards) and set the guitar down while I continued writing stuff for the site. Every few minutes I’d lean over to see if the song was down and press the Green button to continue on to the next track. Sure enough, an hour later I had my Play it to the Bone Achievement but I also picked up the other two above. That last one was a surprise secret Achievement for making it 95% of the way through the 14-minute Classic Rock noisefest that is Peter Frampton’s ‘Do You Feel Like We Do? (Live)’. A real challenge on anything above Medium difficulty, it required exactly no button presses on my part to unlock. BA-GOINK indeed! Screw you Guitar Hero.

Achieving: Tales of Pointless Self Reward in Games retold in brief posts whenever we feel like it.

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