Arcade Legends spotlights local artists’ video game creations

Pac-Man, Game Boy, Heartless sculptures

A photo of just one of many great video game themed art pieces by the Options Academy at Butler Tech being exhibited here in Cincinnati at Arcade Legends. We stopped by on Saturday for the premiere of the “show” which is a lot like any artsy local cafe you might’ve been to where themed art hangs on the walls with a little price tag that always seems ridiculously high. In the case of Arcade Legends, however, many of the items aren’t up for sale and will only be on display for a few months but the quality and content is worth stopping by just to see.

Primal Rage, Kirby, Okami, Space Invaders and Zapper lightguns serve as inspiration for acrylic, photographic, and mixed media pieces stuck on the walls amid many of the classic arcade games that inspired them. Check out the official site for more or listen to my podcast interview with one-half of Arcade Legends right here.

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