Nintendo 3DS: My gut reaction for posterity’s sake

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“The Nintendo 3DS for us is our next handheld platform,” [Nintendo’s Reggie] Fils-Aime assures. Even though Nintendo’s business is “fundamentally about software, not hardware,” the new tech will be “a means to an end” — the final goal being “a great consumer experience.” — Quoted from this Joystiq post

You couldn’t embrace something like online social gaming, seamless matchmaking, quality graphics or interoperability between your console and handheld platforms? You’re jumping on 3D, Nintendo? 3D! Really?! They utterly flabergast me with what they both choose to support and ignore as viable new directions. That’s all, just wanted to document this 90-word sigh of a post for posterity. I’ll either be chuckling knowingly in another 2 years or trying to delete this post.

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