Yes, you can play Monkey Island on GameLuv too

The Secret of Monkey Island:SE powered by InstantAction

I was probably more curious than you but if you were at all concerned, the answer is yes: InstantAction embed code works just as well on GameLuv (and ostensibly WordPress) as any other site you’ve likely seen it on. If you somehow haven’t seen this yet, let me explain in brief. A bunch of sneaky web code that comes in a moderately long string makes trials of PC games playable right in your web browser. So folks like me can write all about them and folks like you can play them without ever leaving the page, able to dish out your immediate reaction without ever leaving the site!

It’s pretty amazing stuff and could really mix things up all around the web for sites like Newgrounds and Facebook and even have an impact on Steam,, and other distribution platforms. Right now Monkey Island serves as the only demo for InstantAction but you can stick in an e-mail and be informed when things are heating up or just be surprised when every blog you visit one day loads up a “free” game to go along with the snarky news bites!