E3 Stragglers: TV Superstars (PlayStation Move)

Seeing screenshots of this I was way more interested in TV Superstars but after watching a few videos, I just don’t know. It’s little more than a minigame collection that uses the PlayStation Move controller to do some very basic Wii-like stuff but its presentation cracks me up. You snap and map pictures of you and your friends onto the in-game characters which then take part in five games based on popular TV. There’s one like Wipeout where you navigate obstacles and fling yourself from a giant slingshot, an America’s Top Model styled runway walk-off, a home improvement game, a series of commercial parodies, and a hip hop infused cooking show like… umm, let’s say Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

All the characters have exaggerated heads, there seem to be ragdoll physics involved, you get to play an in-depth game of dress up, Β and the head chef, Big Chili D, cracks me up. It seems like stupid fun and it looks pretty clever in its parody of Pop TV but every time the video cuts to the people playing I get a little sick. TV Superstars is exactly a minigame collection from the Wii’s well trodden track. I can’t imagine it lasts very long or invites you back to play (especially by yourself) but I’d nevertheless love to try it out. And unlike most of Sony’s own Move games, TV Superstars at least has some personality. Another video after the [FLAIL ARM AS IF CUTTING]

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