Shoot Your Music again in SHMUSICUP

Are you ready to shoot at your music? Again? I’m starting to tire of these your-music-is-the-bullets games after spending years with AudioSurf and Beat Hazard but I’m nonetheless intrigued by this latest entry: SHMUSICUP. At least it’s a clever title that keeps me from having to say shoot-em-up. It’s also unique in that this one is a top-down shooter with the winged anime-style Lyric as your main character and monster bosses that turn everything from Brahms to Bieber into bullet hell. I also like that the sidebar displays the album art and track info and there’s a stop button right on screen if ‘Like a Surgeon’ isn’t working out so well.

I’ve praised AudioSurf and Beat Hazard in the past as everlasting fun but came to burn out on them pretty quickly. Will the same happen with SHMUSICUP? Who knows, but it looks fun enough to give it a shot whenever it makes a release.

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