The GameLuv Show gets ‘Back in the ESRB’

It’s a fairly dull time for games here in early Spring. Katy’s got her Dynasty Warriors 7, I’ve got Fallout: New Vegas, Dana has Wizard 101, and Maxx is engulfed in RIFT when he’s not working crazy hours. So there wasn’t a whole lot to talk about this week but I wanted to do something for you all. And that something became a fairly Nintendownload-esque reading of this past week’s ESRB rating submissions.

I explain myself in this 40 minute short-show, discover some intriguing new games I didn’t know about, and wrap it up with a freakin’ awesome jazz rendition of the Phoenix Wright theme. I realize having just typed that sentence that you might think I performed it myself, live on the air. I really just stuck an mp3 from this album on the end. Still, it’s so good!

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