E3’11: A bunch of games I want to play (Part 2)

Yesterday it was 2K through Namco, today let’s get from Natsume to Warner Bros. and close out this rapid fire look at a bunch of games from E3 I can’t wait to play.


Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove
Will you just make up your mind where you’re gonna release it and let me play this freakin’ game already!?



Sonic Generations
Yes, I’m still one of those hopelessly forgiving fans, pining for a Sonic game that’s even 1/10th of the original’s shining glory. This, at least, has fat Sonic in it? God, I just don’t know anymooooooore!


Square Enix

Tomb Raider
Tied alongside Uncharted 3 and Bioshock Infinite for my Game of the Show! The dark reboot looks maybe a little too “last girl in a horror movie” but it’s something that has yet to be done well in game form and I’m all about Lara being a pioneer once again.

Hitman Absolution
I’m torn on this one. Happy to see the series finally returning but wondering what the game holds based on that CG trailer. It was more Jason Bourne action than traditional Agent 47. I still haven’t seen footage of the game itself but it sounds like it’s more what I’d expect from a modern Hitman.


Tecmo Koei

Ninja Gaiden 3
What the hell, I’m not super excited about this Itagaki-less Ninja Gaiden but I’ll definitely rent it if I don’t see it on closeout first.

Dynasty Warriors PSVita
I saw a touch screen, QTE-powered battle between Zhao Yun and Lu Bu. It’s like the intro to every Dynasty Warriors game only this is mildly playable. And that’s enough to get my vote!


Saints Row: The Third
I don’t know a thing about Saints Row but this one looks so completely out there that I can’t ignore the series any longer.

The Deepak Chopra Project
It’s a breathing game for Kinect but it looks to have quite the art style(s). Even a mode that looks like Frequency… only with zen energy? Perplexed and intrigued, the “game” makes the list.


UTV Ignition

El Shaddai: Acension of the Metatron
It’s like this decade’s Rygar! Or maybe Rygar meets Rez. Or Neon Genesis Evangelion meets Okami? Whatever, it’s pretty and I kinda liked the combat. The gospel backstory is of little interest to me outside of the bizarro settings.


Warner Bros.

A Day One purchase for me. After following development on Twitter and Giant Bomb I just can’t wait to give it a shot myself.

Batman Arkham City
I’ve still only seen trailers and quick clips but that’s enough for me. Swinging, gliding, wall-climbing, I’m sold on exploring a big creepy city as Batman and Catwoman.



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