Repetition + Luck = Achieving!

I’ve been playing Pinball FX 2’s Pasha table since November of 2010. Not daily or even weekly — not even monthly — but off and on I’ve come back to it because 1) it’s a great table that I do moderately well at and 2) Achievements. One of the table’s three minigames is a micro-table beneath the main surface and has rows of moving targets which need to be overcome to get a good shot at two stationary targets. There’s an Achievement for knocking down all the targets and along with shooting for a new high score it has been one of my main goals every time I’ve played.

In the last hour of my last day off over the Fourth of July holiday I got into what has been my most epic game of Pasha so far. I think I hit multiball five times and I kept the ball in play for a good thirty minutes at a time. Like usual I got into the micro-table repeatedly and flubbed it up but shortly before my entire game went to crap I finally pulled it off. All the targets taken down, some obscene amount of points awarded and ba~goink! A year and a half of trying and the magical equation of luck-divided-by-repetition finally balanced out in my favor.

Achieving: Tales of Pointless Self Reward in Games retold in brief posts whenever we feel like it.

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