Earth Defense Force 2017 goes Portable on Vita

I can add one more game to the tiny list of Vita titles I’d probably buy: Earth Defense Force 3 Portable… or Portable 3, I’m not sure how accurate the Google translation is. Basically it’s the Xbox 360’s E.D.F. 2017 (E.D.F. 3 in Japan) with a very few new things thrown in. A bunch of potentially useless weapons have been added as well as a new golden ant enemy type and a new aircraft type to deal with. The biggest addition is four-player co-op and the beskirted female E.D.F. members who can fly around with jetpacks. That’s nothing new to fans of the series (they were in E.D.F. 2 on PlayStation 2) but the zippy, skybound action looks like the most appealing thing to me.

It’s September release is timed nicely for Japan as E.D.F. 4 will probably be revealed at Tokyo Game Show but so far there’s been no mention of a domestic release for either. The best I can do is go back and maybe finish Insect Armageddon which… doesn’t really sound too appealing. They never quite captured that Japanesiness that I loved so much about 2017.

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