Intel Discovered is a bewildering FMV adver-game for Kinect

Intel Discovered is proof positive that the bottom has totally fallen out of both Xbox 360 Achievements and Kinect. A free “game” released yesterday on Xbox Live, it requires a minimum of player input and doles out up to 400 Achievement points in about 30 minutes. It’s a slickly produced FMV experience that smacks of adver-gaming but — I swear — I can’t tell what it’s an ad for.

It’s produced by Intel and there are a few HP laptops featured within but they’re not a focal point. So, is it to remind people that Chris Evans is still an action movie star? That LMFAO is still making music, sort of? That Chanel Iman reminds me way too much of a young Thandie Newton? That you can quickly link your Xbox to Facebook and spam it with pictures (pictured)?

Surely it’s not to remind people about how much fun Kinect is because it’s barely required to take part in Intel Discovered. Most of the time I stood still, flabbergasted at what I was seeing and then realizing that it was my turn to duck, jump, fist pump, or strike a pose. I’m not sure if this is designed for kids or what but if you want a great example of how Kinect can be fun Wreckateer is on sale this week for a measly $5. I honestly had to force myself to turn it off last night and I can’t think of any other Kinect game I can say the same about.

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