What a Pid-y

Presented with no further comment, here is the minute by minute recount of my time with Pid (so far).

11/1, 8:40pm I’m playing Pid and you probably aren’t.http://raptr.com/dionisio

11/3, 7:11am Pid may be more infuriating than fun. Good thing Bing basically covered the cost of this one. :

7:19am Remembering that some of the people behind Pid were responsible for Bionic Commando ReArmed would’ve helped me decide to pass on this one.

7:36am The soundtrack to Pid is the best thing about it. It’s slow, somber, melodies really help diffuse the seething rage at how hard it can be.

8:24am Pid is very pretty but I don’t think I really wanna stick with this. Very little payoff for the brutal, long-reloading platforming.

8:27am Timed puzzles that require you to take into account the animation priority pushed me over the edge. Done now… and for good?

Shortly thereafter I added Pid to my ‘Games I wish I loved better’ list on GiantBomb.com saying: Annoying load times between screens and deaths and stupid animation priority for timed puzzles pushed me over the edge. It’s gorgeous and has a great soundtrack but nothing more compelling to make it worth the time-wasting, challenging platforming.

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