The Relevant Tweets: Batman Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360)

The Relevant Tweets represents all my micro-blogging status updates pertaining to a single game or topic, collected at key moments and patched together here as a timeline. Now that I’ve put Batman: Arkham Asylum to rest it’s time to compile.

Dec 12th – Batman: Arkham Asylum is better than work. <– First Play!

Dec 12th – Awesome retro-future radio in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Dec 12th – Jar of head in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Dec 12th – HAHA Meta-site from Batman: Arkham Asylum: Only $3500 for a guaranteed shock treatment to cure YOUR loved ones!

Dec 12th – Now a jar of criminal. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Dec 13th – Ras didn’t make it. Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Dec 13th – Sometimes you run out of ideas for super villains.Batman: Arkham Asylum

Dec 17th – Today: Out of it at work, got annoyed at last min customers, managed to write something (on Nfamous soon), finishedBatman, fondue, glomped!

Dec 21st – @Victor_Lucas finished Batman: Arkham Asylum (finally!) and PixelJunk Shooter. Wrapped it up with some Afrika. Sucker for photo sim = me.

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