Of 2012 and Massive Gamelog Posts

I have loads of “Best Of” lists for 2012 that I’ll be posting as we move through the end of the year and into the next one but I’ve got something else planned as well. I spent some time this year digging up all the year-end recaps I’ve ever done. I scoured GameLuv and I excavated my LiveJournal to compile this massive chronological document. I really liked the simple recap of each game I played in 2005/2006 and wanted to do the same for 2012.

Mixed in with the lists and categories I’ll be posting four quarterly recounts of (almost) every game I played. Some may take more than a sentence this time as there are stories worth telling but it should be perfectly digestible for our age of immediate impatience. Oh, fine. I’ll also try to throw in lots of pretty pictures.

For as much as I’ve talked this stuff up now you’d think I’d actually get it posted. Don’t worry, it’s coming… probably tomorrow!

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