Of 2012: The Games I Played the Most

I’m never quite sure how much faith to put in these stats. Who knows how much time I spent with these games on pause or idling behind a window full of work. But Raptr went to all the trouble to tabulate what it could so who am I to argue? Here’s my top five (err, six… no, make that seven) most played games of 2012:

  • Terraria (81)
  • Mass Effect 3 (78)
  • Fallout 3 (74)
  • Dishonored (55)
  • Trials Evolution (44)
  • Fez/Dust (20)

Early on I was putting a ton of time into Terraria at work. I made a lot of strides in the “2D Minecraft” and even started wiring up traps to guard my home, until my wrists utterly failed. Between replaying the end game to see out the multiple choices and logging an astonishing (for me) 26 hours in multiplayer, Mass Effect 3 came up second most played.

Another year, another old Fallout game. I didn’t even explore all of the DLC that came with the Game of the Year edition and I still spent 74 hours in the Capital Wasteland of Fallout 3. Some of the Achievements in Dishonored required multiple playthroughs but, for once, it was a task made much more fun thanks to the numerous ways each level can play out.

Earlier in the year I was also on the hunt for top times and Achievements in Trials Evolution. Perfecting the Gigatrack and completing courses without using the brakes were tough but also enlightening, showing me whole new ways to play the game. Rounding out the list are both Fez and Dust which each ate up to about 20 hours for very different reasons.

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