Wordament now an Xbox-enabled web game too

Microsoft continues expanding their “Xbox everywhere” efforts and Wordament is once again the blunt tip of the spear. Wordament, the former Windows Phone exclusive word find recently jumped to iOS complete with Xbox Live Avatars and Achievements and has now made its way into a web beta. You can sign in and play the game right now on Xbox.com to unlock Achievements and watch your Avatar dance around when you find a word.

By this point the prospects for future Xbox initiatives is much more interesting than Wordament itself. Seeing core Xbox features like Avatars, friend lists and Achievements hop to multiple platforms is exciting enough to make me envision a future where my Xbox life is always at hand. Their efforts are still a little cludgy and development seems slow going but I’m nonetheless interested in seeing how all this folds into the next Xbox experience. And if nothing else this means two more chances to S-Rank Wordament Achievements!

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