Achieving: Pattern Recognition


One of the things that I find most insightful about the always-on, status-tweeting digital lifestyle is seeing trends in my own life. The timestamps on tweets, posts, and even Achievements makes it easier than ever to see when things come back around.

Having been to my parents over the weekend for Easter I finally grabbed my tub of plastic instruments to bring back home. I fired up Rock Band 3 last night and before I could even start strumming an Achievement popped up; the ‘Well Connected’ Achievement for connecting my Rock Band 3 band to Apparently I’d started the game, made the connection and never come back. I dug through my Achievements to see when I’d started Rock Band 3 for the first time and found it was almost exactly two years ago, April 8th, 2011.

I said I found this stuff insightful but maybe it’s just more interesting than introspective. I suppose it shows that there are more patterns in the way I live than I’d like to admit but I can’t think up a life lesson beyond that. If nothing else it’ll be interesting if I have some similar music game itch in another two years and find myself rigging up the “old” Xbox to play Rock Band… or if I’ll even remember making this very post.

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