Now Playing: Puzzle Quest (DS)

This is Puzzle Quest.

This is my brain on Puzzle Quest.

I’ve been working through it on Normal difficulty and though the computer has no lack of luck when it comes to getting extra turns and big attacks I’m still enjoying it. I actually take up that exact pose and facial expression too. I pour over the game board as if it were a life and death chess game (and really, is there any other kind?). ‘If I move this one that lines that up, but then he’ll get that four combo over there,’ I think to myself as I plot out my next move. This really isn’t a puzzle game and if you play it like one I just can’t see it being much fun.

The gameplay is fine but the biggest gripe is the ridiculous way that the CPU always seems to get the best moves. When things fall into place you can go five or more turns without getting a chance to play, all the while your enemy tops out their mana reserves or casts numerous spells. It’s frustrating but then I go and get a few good moves of my own and start thinking that the computer best be glad it has the odds on its side because I’ve just leveled their mana and done 15 damage with a well played turn.

As fun as it is on the DS, I can’t wait for the Xbox Live Arcade version (pictured at top). HD graphics and Achievements are well worth 800 Microsoft Points (any more might be a tough sell). I only wish that Live Anywhere could magically be incorporated into the DS game so I could continue my questing on the go. The best I can hope for is a clunky cell phone version that costs twelve bucks a month and wastes my minutes uploading high scores. For now it’s back to the DS.

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