Of 2013


The year of 2013 was the worst year of my life. I was going to paint a poemly picture but no one wants to read that; this is Game of the Year time, not amateur beatnick love-in night. So, to set the stage for this month’s year-in-review posts, I’ll regale you with a few all-encompassing figures from my playtime in 2013.

  • I played at least 143 games. I didn’t count some of the ones I ran back through to farm Steam trading cards and I’m sure there are some IGF and web games I flirted with that I completely forgot about.
  • I paid full price for 11 games or 8% of everything I played. The vast majority, about 89%, were either on sale or a freebie from PlayStation Plus or a game I borrowed from a friend.
  • The two meager games I have played on Xbox One so far account for 0.013986013986014% of everything I played.
  • I didn’t play a single Wii game in 2013, down from an astounding two in 2012 and a record breaking one in 2011.
  • Speaking of old stuff! I hit a pretty good balance between new and old last year having played 65 games from 2013 and 78 from years past. This is largely thanks to my YouTube endeavors.

There’s a whole stinking load of spreadsheets and data if anyone wants to look. I’ve updated my ‘Spreadsheet of Annual Playtime’ for 2013 as well as my ‘Games I Played In…’ document. Coming over the next nine days are the usual year end posts: favorite free games, favorite soundtracks and the like, culminating in my Bottom Five and Top Five games from 2013. Lists from last year: catch the fever!

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