This Week on YouTube: Lemmings Wave Race The Sims!

While I’ve been off gallivanting around betas of ArcheAge and The Crew, my channel hasn’t suffered this past week. Saturday’s Summer Games Series raged on with another super-favorite of mine; Wave Race 64. I recently picked up that Prinny game for PSP and gave it a run through to remind myself why I don’t like it. And I also found a surprisingly cheap copy of the rare Adventures of Lomax on PlayStation. It’s 2D sprites still look gorgeous even today! Let’s see how bad I am at this one!

Thanks to that DDoS stuff Sony suffered through they didn’t push an update to the PlayStation Mobile marketplace so it is totally NOT time for a new video this week. We’ll try again on September 3rd.

Katy’s got some more new Sims 3 series running this week on her channel. We wrap up the Sims 3: Playing Style Savvy Trendsetters town with Part 6 and start two new runs. There’s Sims 3: Actually Playing Style Savvy Trendsetters Town (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and a follow up Sims 3: Style Savvy Trendsetters (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

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