That reminds me: I beat Tamagotchi!


As I turn 37 I’m getting to the point where I can’t always rely on the memories in my head. I was digging back through some old GameFusion stuff and this photo confirms what I was pretty sure I’d done: I beat Tamagotchi.

After I’d raised my little space pet and sent him back home I couldn’t bring myself to pull the battery out or reset it so I stashed it with Bowser up on a shelf in my room. It sat there for what feels like years, blinking happily across its LED cosmos. One day I started hearing this periodic beeping sound but I could never pinpoint where it was coming from as the beeps were spread hours apart.

I must’ve been reaching for something or organizing a shelf because I was finally close enough to hear the beep coming from my Tamagotchi. This is where my memory fails me again. I can’t remember if the screen had gone dark or if it had reset itself and there was a new hatching egg waiting for me. I do remember never playing the thing again after that. It’s a lot of responsibility and I’m sure I was way too busy reviewing Dreamcast games to take care of another solar pet.