An Archival Look at Kalisto’s E3 2000 Press Kit

You may remember some of my past efforts to highlight my meager collection of press materials from E3. There was this series of videos I recorded where I pointed a camera at piles of press kits, discs and swag and I’ve featured some individual items on the site before. But now it’s time to get serious.

As a test and a first offering I recorded the contents of Kalisto’s E3 2000 press discs not too long ago. Using Xsplit I laid out multiple scenes to offer an all-inclusive look at the screenshots, info, concept art, packshots and trailers contained on the discs, AND the disc images are on if anyone should need them. Why Kalisto? It was the first pair of discs I grabbed.

I hope to do some more soon, especially the discs with unreleased games on them. Those are always fun to dive into. But beyond the personal enjoyment it’s just another effort in preserving what I can of this industry’s practices and history. I hope you like it!

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