Reunited with ‘Hogs of War’ after 16 Years


Over the weekend a friend and I hit up a couple of local flea markets, one of which I was sure I’d never been to. It turns out, I had and that that side of town is really awkwardly laid out. One thing I am certain about, though, is that the old lady’s booth with all the games wasn’t there before. There was a pretty impressive assortment from the 2600 up to the 360 with a handful of games for every major console in between.

But what caught my eye was Hogs of War. I relate the story in the video above but basically: I got it for free, played and loved it, and then sold it off because I needed the money. Shortly after, it skyrocketed in value and I’ve been on the hunt for a decent price ever since. I can’t remember the last time I saw the game in person or at a price I was willing to pay. She had it marked a little higher but she took $40 for it which saved me the equivalent of shipping fees on eBay or Amazon. It’s in surprisingly good condition for a 16 year old game that wound up in a midwest flea market which makes the find that much sweeter.

I’ve bought a lot of games because of nostalgia that were unceremoniously filed on a shelf and left unplayed. But Hogs of War is one I was delighted to find and desperate to play. I only remembered it as the first attempt to take the gameplay of Worms into 3D. I’d forgotten that there are character classes with specialties and that there’s a real X-COM aspect to your squad of pig-men that imparts the terror of perma-death. It’s not nearly as witty as I remembered it but there’s still a lot to love about this oddball budget priced game from 2000. Let’s take a look.

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