It’s another thing I’ll never buy, but it sure is pretty

What poignant development in the world of gaming could motivate me to make a post on this site after three month’s absence? Obviously it’s something dumb and old. In fact, it turns out to be doubly old because this upcoming model kit of the SA-77 starfighter from the 1993 Sega CD shooter, Silpheed, is actually a renewal of an already long-forgotten 2010 line of model kits. I vaguely remember seeing it around 2010 but couldn’t find an old post where I probably would’ve said the same thing I’m about to sayโ€ฆ

I will never buy this thing, build this thing, paint and detail this thing, or display this thing in my home. But lookit, it sure is a beaut!

On Sale in June, Big Bad Toy Store has an ETA of August 2022 at $73. I think I’ll just save all the pics I can now instead of ruining a perfectly good model kit with my half-assed abilities.

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