Done Playing: Dino Run (online)

Web gaming or Flash gaming or Independent gaming, whatever you wanna call it, is something I’ve never kept up with. With my hands being the way they are I really can’t play anything that use the keyboard and even back in the early days of Newgrounds I only got into one or two offerings. Thanks to GlovePIE, though, I can easily connect and remap the Wii Remote (wirelessly even) for any keyboard commands I want. It’s not my ideal controller as it still bugs my hands after a while but it’s quick and easy and a helluva lot less painful than WASDin’ my way through a game.

Dino Run is a great example. Using the keyboard was almost instantly painful as you’re pretty much constantly holding down the run-to-the-right key in order to escape the shockwave from that big meteor that allegedly wiped out the dinosaurs. Using only a few buttons the Wii Remote is perfectly suited for the game.

While running from a wall of flaming death is really all the game is about (and an exhilarating experience) the developers at PixelJam built in a simple stat-upgrading system and even a few Achievements Milestones. By collecting eggs and bones that are scattered all over the stages you’ll be able to increase your speed, acceleration, jumping, and strength skills as well as unlock a series of bonus features and content. The charmingly retro and brightly colored pixel worlds also go a long ways towards giving the game a lot of character.

And it’s a good thing the game has charm because you’ll be replaying the same six stages over and over. It’s impossible to grab every egg and gobble up every critter in any one stage as each one has several paths to discover. If you want to max out your skills you’ll have to keep coming back.

Dino Run is surprisingly robust for a web game. You’ll be hooked for at least a few days, there’s always more stuff to unlock and the game even has an online multiplayer race mode for up to four players. Donate a little cash to the developers and you’ll unlock a ton of hats and colors for your little dino (see my current comment avatar). Give it a shot. With no installation or cost and only a flash-enabled browser required there’s no reason not to hop on over to the Dino Run homepage and start playing (with or without Wii Remote).

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