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It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for July 11th

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for July 11th

It’s slim pickins again this week on the PlayStation Store but it’s a-ok with me because I’ve got a new job and less time to think up funny goofs about Avatars and Themes. Speaking of Avatars, Epic is back with four more free Fortnite icons because when your game is transcending into the global hivemind, who needs to charge for things like Avatars? Choose from Jonesy, Leviathan, Rex, or Tricera Ops, or just grab them all, they’re free!

Elsewhere there’s a free demo of Yakuza Kiwami 2 in case you missed it the first time around on PlayStation 2 when it was just Yakuza 2. I’m still not ready to dive into the Yakuza games but the Kiwami additions of “Virtual On, golf bingo, and Toylets” (whatever those even are) sounds more enticing than ever. I could really go for some Virtual On again.

Lastly, there’s a free bundle of “10 Standard Packs” for MLB The Show 18if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. I imagine that adds up to a few bucks of in-game stuff to entice you to spend real money on fake stuff down the line. Grab ‘n Go… but be wary of their tricks!

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for July 4th!

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for July 4th!

Happy 4th of July, to those observing this incendiary holiday in the States. You can celebrate on PlayStation 4 with a couple of freebies including the “first-ever new level built for the original Crash Bandicoot gameplay in almost 20 years”. That’s such a specific statement that it almost means nothing but it’s still cool that Vicarious Visions added some totally new content to Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Even better that it’s free!

Beyond that, there’s really just a couple of free demos this week. You can grab the Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends demo for free and see what’s new in the puzzle/adventure series or give “Episode 1” of this questionable horror shooter, The Unknown City, a shot. If you were thinking about buying it outright you should definitely take a look at the demo, it’s… something.

Seeing that it’s the Fourth, I would be remiss if I didn’t point you towards my favorite display of fireworks: FantaVision. The PlayStation 2 fireworks puzzle game has been a favorite of mine since its release in 2000 and it looks sharper than ever in its PlayStation 4 incarnation. It isn’t free, but right now it’s on sale for $2.99 (for PlayStation Plus members) which is pretty dang close to it.

Keep your fingers, eyes, and loved ones safe out there and… grab ‘n go!

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for June 27th

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for June 27th

My ceremonial burning of hand-carved PlayStation Plus logos did not go unanswered, we have freebies! Here’s what’s free for the week of June 27th:


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Demo
Here’s that Captain Spirit game we all saw at E3 a few weeks ago that ties into the events of the upcoming Life is Strange 2. It’s listed on the PlayStation Store as a demo but this is the whole, standalone Captain Spirit adventure!

Unravel 2 Trial
Two weeks ago we got a free theme for Unravel 2 and if staring at that stationary artwork got you itching to try the game, now you can do that for free as well.

Super Kids Racing Trial
It seems awfully rare for a game that looks so plain to get a free demo. I guess you can finally find out for yourself if there’s some fun to be had without buying what looks like a showcase of Unity assets in the form of a kart racer. If you are bowled over by it, the full game is also on sale this week.



New Gundam Breaker Special Mission: Her Name is Super Fumina
“The day-one special mission ‘Her Name is Super Fumina’ is the only mission where you’ll find the titular Super Fumina! Complete it to receive a special Fumina Ticket that can be exchanged for any part you like!”

Trove – Blocky Bonus: Rock’N’Rollin’ Rider
“The current Blocky Bonus is the Rock’N’Rollin’ Rider. Rock stars always need more gems. We appreciate you playing Trove!”


Themes and Avatars

Decorate your PlayStation 4 Home Screen this week with some new free trimmings featuring Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or… an old mansion. If that tennis ball avatar got you excited last week, you better buckle up! Dream Match Tennis VR is back with more free avatar icons featuring Ball and Racket, Tennis Robot, Tennis Ball and Kitten, and the daringly unique Tennis Ball 1.

Match, Set, Grab ‘n Go!

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for June 20th + “Wow, That’s A Game!?”

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for June 20th + "Wow, That's A Game!?"

Now that E3 is over we can get back to the flood of exciting and free new releases… ohoh no, this is… this is a downright drought! For the week of June 20th we’ve only got two free offerings: Yang Xiao Long joins the roster of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle while Bimboosoft offers a free Avatar icon from Dream Match Tennis VR which they describe only as “the tennis ball”.

It’s such a slim week that I want to fill out this post with a feature I like to call WOW, That’s A Game!?. In looking at the PlayStation Store every week I’ve started noting some of the more dubious entries on the platform that I’ll point out during slow weeks like this. Fair warning, these aren’t necessarily free things!

BRIKS 2 comes from Smobile, makers of some of the PlayStation’s most generic, lightly animated and titillating Home Screen themes. In BRIKS 2 you can play a game of Breakout on top of those same lightly animated wallpapers and yes, you read right, this is the sequel. From what I can tell BRIKS 2 doesn’t actually change much over the original but both remain on sale for $14 and $16 respectively.

That’s an egregious price for what looks like a pretty simple offering given that most of the art already exists and is even sold separately on the PlayStation Store. Nevertheless, I respect Smobile’s resourcefulness, turning one product into another. It also gives me vibes of the arcade game Fantasia 2, the sensationally NSFW knock-off of Qix that I have a strange, earnestly non-sexual fondness for.

Resident Evil 2 Remake pays homage to the scrapped Resident Evil 1.5

Resident Evil 2 Remake pays homage to the scrapped Resident Evil 1.5

Watching Sony’s E3 demo of Resident Evil 2 with Capcom’s Mike Lunn and team, I was initially just excited to see the game in action. I’ve skipped all the previous remakes and haven’t touched the game since 1998. Nevertheless, like many, RE2 was a huge moment for me in gaming and so I’m more than happy to see Capcom focus on it instead of pushing ahead from RE7.

But almost as soon as they started running around the Raccoon City Police Department I couldn’t help but see a little bit of the fabled Resident Evil 1.5 in the updated design. This mythical prototype version of the game featured a different starring female, Elza Walker, and relied on the station’s shutter system to block or open access to the building. This version was ultimately scrapped but footage was released and so it’s become one of those gaming legends.

Now twenty years later we see Leon using those same slatted shutters to open paths around the station and possibly use them for crowd control as originally intended. Though not shown, the crew from Capcom also mentioned that boards will be available in limited supply to close off access to intruding zombies from windows or doorways. It makes me wonder if Elza might even show up or if the game’s other abandoned design elements like stat-boosting gear will make an appearance.

Whether fully intended or not, this feels like the Resident Evil team finally closing a loop on one of the series’ most mysterious developments. I’m even more excited now to get back to Raccoon City and see what I remember and what all has changed! Resident Evil 2 is currently scheduled to release on January 29th, 2019 on PlayStation 4 and Capcom’s already got a pre-order up on Amazon.