It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for June 27th

It’s Free! on the PlayStation Store for June 27th

My ceremonial burning of hand-carved PlayStation Plus logos did not go unanswered, we have freebies! Here’s what’s free for the week of June 27th:


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Demo
Here’s that Captain Spirit game we all saw at E3 a few weeks ago that ties into the events of the upcoming Life is Strange 2. It’s listed on the PlayStation Store as a demo but this is the whole, standalone Captain Spirit adventure!

Unravel 2 Trial
Two weeks ago we got a free theme for Unravel 2 and if staring at that stationary artwork got you itching to try the game, now you can do that for free as well.

Super Kids Racing Trial
It seems awfully rare for a game that looks so plain to get a free demo. I guess you can finally find out for yourself if there’s some fun to be had without buying what looks like a showcase of Unity assets in the form of a kart racer. If you are bowled over by it, the full game is also on sale this week.



New Gundam Breaker Special Mission: Her Name is Super Fumina
“The day-one special mission ‘Her Name is Super Fumina’ is the only mission where you’ll find the titular Super Fumina! Complete it to receive a special Fumina Ticket that can be exchanged for any part you like!”

Trove – Blocky Bonus: Rock’N’Rollin’ Rider
“The current Blocky Bonus is the Rock’N’Rollin’ Rider. Rock stars always need more gems. We appreciate you playing Trove!”


Themes and Avatars

Decorate your PlayStation 4 Home Screen this week with some new free trimmings featuring Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or… an old mansion. If that tennis ball avatar got you excited last week, you better buckle up! Dream Match Tennis VR is back with more free avatar icons featuring Ball and Racket, Tennis Robot, Tennis Ball and Kitten, and the daringly unique Tennis Ball 1.

Match, Set, Grab ‘n Go!

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