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Are these the faces of Xbox One X Avatars? UPDATE: Yes!

Are these the faces of Xbox One X Avatars?

Forgive me, I’ve been hands-off with the Xbox platform for quite a while now but Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference today definitely stirred my dormant green-and-white spirit. After the show I wound up on the Scorpio page — errr, Xbox One X page, still getting used to the sound of that — and what do I see towards the bottom? The image above featuring what immediately struck me as Xbox Avatars 2.0.

The image is couched by bullet points touting the ease of bringing your existing content to the One X and the robust multiplayer of the Xbox Live service. It seems perfectly fitting to represent the Xbox community with the cast of multi-cultural mannequins seen above.

If these really are newfangled Avatars they’re sporting more polygons than ever before with more realistic faces and even an array of facial expressions. The current Avatars retain their “Mii too” appearance with flat facial features and minimal animation. Hopefully we find out more this week on the Xbox One X’s Dashboard and how Avatars fit into this burgeoning generation of Xbox.

UPDATE June 14th: Well I called it on the 2.0 thing but there’s so much more to the new Xbox Avatars than just facial animations and skin color. During one of Microsoft’s Xbox Daily streams this week the footage above was shown with Xbox Product Manager Bryan Saftler narrating.

“Avatars are meant for whatever you want your digital self to represent,” Saftler explains. “We don’t want to put you in a box, there are no more checkboxes, no matter what you think you look like or what you want to present online.”

The new Avatars not only accommodate personal gender and race identity, there will now be prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, and even a pregnant toggle to fully customize your online appearance. Naturally, this means costumes and props won’t be restricted to male or female Avatars anymore. “If you can see it in the store you can wear it,” states Kathryn Storm, interaction designer at Xbox. “We’re not holding you to any type of checkboxes.”

Microsoft plans to debut “Avatars 2.0” on Windows 10 later this year before bringing them to Xbox consoles down the line. Thanks to The Verge for catching this news on the daily streams, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to keep up!

Xbox Avatars, What is going on?!

While the beloved (?) Xbox Avatars had to sneak into their own deprecated little Xbox One app, the party is weirder than ever back on Xbox 360. I spent a few minutes poking around the ‘#trending‘ section of the Avatar Store and found pricey homages to Grumpy Cat, Wrecking Ball, Turn Down for What and more.

You can check them out on the Avatar Store website and even see your own Avatar model them right here.

Bejeweled brings you the only Avatar gear you need

I don’t know how often you check out the newest junk for your Xbox 360 Avatar but you can officially stop looking! This gear from Bejeweled Blitz Live is absurd and amazing. That bejeweled gold Bejeweled armor is a wonder to see in motion as every facet refracts the light as your Avatar moves around. Not to mention that you’ve armored yourself with puzzle game pieces. The only thing better would be a boxy Tetris battle suit.

The thing in the middle is one of the most extravagant Avatar items I’ve ever seen as a jewel bursts open and all those lines and readouts spin and move around your Avatar. And the hat just looks sweet with the same refractivity as the armor. There’s plenty more for guys and girls and in case you forgot you can see it right from your browser. And while I’m making a  post about Avatars, this week’s update (new stuff goes live every Tuesday) is a collection of Halo gear and Western items.

Xbox 360 Premium Theme Previews and Free Avatar Junk

On a recent installment of the Xbox 360’s ‘Sent U A Message’ (love that they brought the UK guys over!) a viewer asked if Microsoft would ever incorporate a theme preview feature so we could see exactly what our 240 Smackaroos was getting us. The answer? Check out ThemeXbox.com, an independent, fan-run site that — while it looks and works great — is pretty much admission that they’ll never, ever let you try out themes right on your Xbox.

That’s no slight against ThemeXbox, they really do look to have a Youtube preview of nearly every theme fit for download, it just makes so much sense to let you see it on your own system that I’m kinda bummed it’ll never happen. Ah well, here’s the link you want anyways.

In related Xbox Dashboard news, Microsoft’s disparate divisions are all handing out free Avatar goodies like black and white Bing t-shirts and BBQ grills. Act fast if you haven’t already, supplies of the intangible bits and bytes are somehow limited!

E3: Splosion Man first to offer Avatar Accessories this Summer?

e309-splosionmanMicrosoft teased us with an Avatar Marketplace at their press conference Monday, saying that it would be available this fall alongside game-exclusive Avatar accessories, but a new Xbox.com game page may have revealed that it’s a little closer than expected. Being the generous, caring developers that they are, Twisted Pixel has been sure to reward players with more than just Achievements and downloadable content for their games, throwing in exclusive themes and gamerpics to boot.

Their latest game, Splosion Man, one of this Summer’s Xbox Live Arcade releases, may be the first to dish out exclusive accessories for our Avatars. There’s still no official release date but it’ll definitely be out this Summer and that’s a whole lot closer than Fall when it comes to shiny new things to stick in our Avatars’ hands.