Bejeweled brings you the only Avatar gear you need

I don’t know how often you check out the newest junk for your Xbox 360 Avatar but you can officially stop looking! This gear from Bejeweled Blitz Live is absurd and amazing. That bejeweled gold Bejeweled armor is a wonder to see in motion as every facet refracts the light as your Avatar moves around. Not to mention that you’ve armored yourself with puzzle game pieces. The only thing better would be a boxy Tetris battle suit.

The thing in the middle is one of the most extravagant Avatar items I’ve ever seen as a jewel bursts open and all those lines and readouts spin and move around your Avatar. And the hat just looks sweet with the same refractivity as the armor. There’s plenty more for guys and girls and in case you forgot you can see it right from your browser. And while I’m making a Β post about Avatars, this week’s update (new stuff goes live every Tuesday) is a collection of Halo gear and Western items.

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