An Xbox Live link worth sharing… again

UPDATE APRIL 2012: This once-life-saving link is now useless. Someone at Microsoft marketing finally found it and made it look just like the Xbox 360 Dashboard which is, to say, useless. Your best bet for staying aware of what’s new is to follow‘s updates on what’s coming, what’s out and what’s on sale.

I can’t remember if I’ve linked you all to this before but as the Xbox 360 Dashboard gets harder and harder to navigate I think it’s worth repeating myself. This isn’t the first page you land on at but it should be. At top is a bunch of stuff they wanna sell you on but scroll down and you can see everything that’s new and on sale across the sprawling Xbox Live Marketplace.

They recently added the ‘Deal of the Week‘ link which handily lists the time-sensitive sales but you can also see the latest dozen additions for Indie Games, Demos, Avatar items, Add-Ons, and more. We all know Xbox Live Arcade gets updated on Wednesdays but I check this link regularly throughout the week for all the other stuff that’s so easy to miss once I’m on the couch.

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