Xbox 360 Premium Theme Previews and Free Avatar Junk

On a recent installment of the Xbox 360’s ‘Sent U A Message’ (love that they brought the UK guys over!) a viewer asked if Microsoft would ever incorporate a theme preview feature so we could see exactly what our 240 Smackaroos was getting us. The answer? Check out, an independent, fan-run site that — while it looks and works great — is pretty much admission that they’ll never, ever let you try out themes right on your Xbox.

That’s no slight against ThemeXbox, they really do look to have a Youtube preview of nearly every theme fit for download, it just makes so much sense to let you see it on your own system that I’m kinda bummed it’ll never happen. Ah well, here’s the link you want anyways.

In related Xbox Dashboard news, Microsoft’s disparate divisions are all handing out free Avatar goodies like black and white Bing t-shirts and BBQ grills. Act fast if you haven’t already, supplies of the intangible bits and bytes are somehow limited!

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